Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let It Grow

Oh my gosh, hello everyone! I hope your lives have been absolutely amazing since I last left you with the news of the Ice Palace Boutique and my excitement to become a Fairy Frostmother! I am hoping to have more time to go out and do things now that my schedule is more agreeable (sometimes) and then I'll have so much more to chat about and be able to post blogs regularly. Even if not every day, definitely need to make sure I'm posting one every week. But my excuse from the last ones is a good one: training isn't something you all want to hear about! You want to know about how being a Fairy Frostmother is and that's what I'm going to tell you!

But, as I am wildly known for, I am going to delay talking about the Ice Palace Boutique for just a moment and tell you the fun things I've done so far. So, since my last post (you may remember I got Anna and Elsa's signatures but I put them on postcards and after a few days of being in my car I ruined them (yeah I know, my own fault)) I have done so many things. Well maybe not so many, but I definitely got to check another character off of my bucket list and watched a show that gave me the feelings something fierce. Tara and I went to MK one day and met Tinkerbell! What a sweet pixie. So I loved the idea of the postcard signatures so much, that I went to DTD and bought some artsy postcards at the Co-Op (Ugh they're really perfect, I need to get more) and had Tink sign it. She was super nice and sweet--really funny taking the time to have a conversation with me while signing her postcard and then talking with me more. One thing that I was worried about was being 22 years old and feeling judged by the characters for being so excited to meet them & I am honestly so happy that I haven't felt that way yet.

I also got to watch the Salute to Magic projection show and Wishes that night. Can we just pause for a moment and smile and remember these shows because of all of the feelings they have? I mean, really. I watched the projection show and its something I want to watch for forever, and then I watched Wishes and I was trying so hard not to cry. If there is one thing I need to stop doing, its expecting Disney to feel normal, because every day I'm here its more magical. Especially with this new role that I have.

Before I moved to Florida to work at Disney, I worked as a Home Health Aid at Alpha-Care Health Professionals. Even though I loved my job, and I adored the clients I had, I still dreaded going to work because they were long shifts, all nighters, and I'm a girl who really, really, REALLY loves her sleep. Honestly, I think about my clients all the time and if I could call and check up on them to see how they are doing, I would. But it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I thought about it seriously for awhile--my whole biological family is filled with nurses: my great aunt, my aunt, my cousin, etc. But science, medicine, and health care is just not my forte. It's just not. And coming to work at Disney, I was excited but working in a theme park and selling mercy isn't really my cup of tea either. It's not something that I want to make a career of, ya know? And even though I still don't want to make a career of it, this new role has absolutely changed my feelings lately.

I don't dread getting up early to be at work. Yes, you read that right--I actually look forward to it. I've had some of the greatest families and princesses ever. Today I went to the processional to talk about the Ice Palace and brought back a family with me who I had spoken with and I was able to be their Fairy Frostmother. The youngest princess was the one who was most excited--it was dad, princess 1 who was 8 and princess 2 who was 4 (almost five). So Princess 1 didn't want to get the transformation, so I worked on Princess 2 and she was the sweetest and funniest little girl. So part of the transformation process is that they aren't allowed to see themselves until the whole process is finished, but Princess 2 kept turning around so we made it into a game and it was so funny. She'd turn around and I'd stand real tall in front of the mirror and she'd smile at me and laugh and then turn back around.

After I got her hair piece in, I started painting her nails and Princess 1 climbed up on her dad's lap and told him she wanted to go through the transformation too. So I got to do both princesses and spend basically an hour and a half with this family (30 minutes at the parade, an hour for 2 transformations). I learned that Princess 1 wants to be a teacher even though she doesn't like school, but that she is also incredibly smart and talented with hair, photography, and with making her own animated shorts with her dolls on the computer. I watched Princess 2 take pictures of literally EVERYTHING (Like I'm going to be in so many family highlight photos from that day--dad even said so :D) and herself. She's super into drawing, taking pictures, and taking pictures of herself. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and she said "A princess." And she was so goofy and funny--they were the absolute highlight of my day.

And that's what is so awesome about this job. This is the experience I wanted when I came to work at Disney. I wanted this one-on-one special guest interaction that I get by being a Fairy Frostmother. I worked with a fellow Frostmother on twins the other day and they came back to see us later in the day and they gave me a HUGE hug. Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely adore children. Like even my fellow Frostmothers see me as a mother figure--some of them have even already asked me when I plan on having kids because I'm the "mother type." It's so funny to me that I'm pretty much just mom to everyone--my friends, my family, my adults, my coworkers--ya know, whatever. :) But I love it. And I have loved literally every minute of being a Fairy Frostmother and getting these interactions and making their days more magical. Not going to lie, I wish I could have pictures of my princesses, but at least I have their autographs. :)

I really hope that this experience at DHS starts becoming more popular and they keep it open because I don't want to go back to merch sales; I love this way too much!

That's it for this time! Have a magical frostastic day :) 

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